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Lawyers protect you in real estate deals

A well-chosen real estate lawyer can bring safety and confidence into one of the biggest investments in your life. Thus, your real estate lawyer should be a person that you can trust and you feel at ease with. This professional will not only coordinate all the aspects of your deal closure but will also help…

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Real estate agent or can I get by on my own?

Every day we tend to cooperate with different experts in his/her field. For example, we visit a shop and approach a shop assistant or a consultant to give us a piece of advice on which product to choose. Every month or two we go to the hairdresser and trust him/her with our appearance. Why do…

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Calgary’s Real Estate Market

All real estate markets have trends. As in any market or commerce, the City of Calgary’s real estate market is no different. Below we will give you a window into what the economists see. A brief but insightful overview of Calgary real estate market trends Before we get to business, let’s think together why it…

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Real Estate Sales in Calgary can be very exciting & easy!

Sales in Calgary’s real estate can be fun. Buying a home in Calgary involves doing your homework and then selecting the appropriate property. Ron Christensen has perfected the ultimate credentials for those buyers who can sometimes feel overwhelmed in Calgary’s real estate market. Real estate sales in Calgary have always seen fluctuation and one has…

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