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Without a doubt, Aspire is the best personal safety app on the market. Invented by Robin McGraw, Dr. Phill’s wife, this app was built in relation to domestic violence.

How does Aspire personal safety app work?

Basically, with personal safety in mind, this app was built for smartphones and androids. Implemented as a direct link for contacting others in cases of emergencies. One simply programs in who, including 911 if you wish, for the app to contact at the push of a button. Conveniently disguised on your phone as a news app, sports app, etc. Important for teenage children or adult females who have a lifestyle that may put them in harm’s way, etc. Without a doubt, this is a lifesaver. Clicking the “Go button” automatically dials your emergency contacts, sending your pre-typed or pre-recorded message. Also, sending your GPS location and live monitoring of all audio. NOTE: You must have “Location Services” turned on for the app to work.



Click on below links to download the Aspire app on either your smartphone or android.

itunes for IOS for Android

Who should have the Aspire app?

Today’s world can be a very scary place, no matter where we live. Always on the go, teenagers surround themselves sometimes in very precarious situations. Considering all the drugs, violence, etc. in our society, close & trusted accessible contacts are imperative. Young girls are constantly subjected to peer pressure and sexual abuse, even amongst “friends”. Professional working women can find themselves in “uncomfortable” and very vulnerable positions as well. Accordingly, feeling a threat, one simply takes out their phone and pretends to go on to a news page. Simply clicking the “Go” button, puts everything into motion and help is en-route. Even if the threat takes your phone after activation, they will not be able to see that you have contacted anyone. Traveling for any of us can be unnerving as well. Accordingly, everyone should have this app. Especially the young and females who are out on their own. I felt this to be a very important message to get out there. Many people I talked with lately, were not even aware of this app.

Ron Christensen

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