Real estate professionals can sometimes be difficult to find. Reason one being, there are many licensed agents in Calgary conducting their real estate practice as a part time endeavor. Then, there are others who choose not to adhere to all the rules and regulations regulated by RECA, (Real Estate Council of Alberta).

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Where to find genuine real estate professionals?

Many people agree that at least once in their lives they’ve heard stories about irresponsible real estate professionals. Making professional mistakes including undisclosed costs, risks, and, even losing the sale, are just a couple. Is this fair? Of course not, and it goes without saying that you do not want the same outcome. For these reasons, you need to do a lot of research and spend time looking for the right real estate agent. As everyone is different, there is no ideal solution for everybody. That is why it’s always better to put in the effort and find the best qualified real estate agent. Just follow the main criteria, and you will definitely achieve your goal.

The essential characteristics of real estate professionals

What makes a truly great real estate agent? All real estate buyers and sellers in the world want to know the answer to this perpetual question. Firstly, because the success of their deal largely depends on the professionalism of the agent. Secondly, because the buyers/sellers want to avoid legal mistakes and legal suits in the end. Everything here sounds quite logical. Real estate could be a wonderful experience for everyone if they followed the basic rules of finding the right real estate agent.

A typical buyer/seller combination deal scenario;

There would be very limited nightmare scenarios as discussed. One scenario was a family who decided to buy a house prior to theirs selling. At the beginning everything was great. The screening and shortlisting processes started, they picked four houses to visit including one that appeared to have everything. They decided on this one, wrote an accepted offer and put down a deposit, conditional to their home selling. It ended up being a very frustrating experience for this family. As time went on, their house still had no offers. They had to go back to the seller of their purchase and request an “Extension” for theirs to sell. They were given the extension but as this was a “Clause Offer”. Conditional to the buyer’s house selling, they ultimately lost the purchase. As their purchase stayed on the active market, someone else put in another offer on it. They were given 48 hours to complete their purchase or back out. Of course, as their house still hadn’t sold, they pulled their offer.

tips on how to choose a great real estate agent

For you to avoid additional hassle and expenses here are a few tips on how to choose a great real estate agent.

1) Search all active real estate agents’ websites in your area. Your initial list is a great starting point for a successful deal. While browsing you will see how every real estate agent presents themselves. You will see his/her face (if their photo is available), you will read about their services, and, most importantly, there may be blog or testimonials that you can read. Moreover, the website design is of importance, as most everyone today shops via the net and a professional, optimized site presence is crucial. 2) As a proven option, Royal LePage Solutions suggests using the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) directory of local agents. It opens up all available opportunities and quality solutions to your real estate needs. Also, it gives you a window into the community of real estate agents in Calgary. There you can find the most comprehensive information on every registered real estate agent. 3) Once, you have looked through a number of real estate agents’ website and have a basic idea about what they offer, your decision is simplified. So now, just shortlist them, write down all the pros and cons on each. This list will have a huge influence on your decision. 4) Schedule interviews with the shortlisted candidates, but don’t waste time just sitting there and taking part in a pleasant chit-chat. Instead, prepare a few relevant questions including their areas of expertise, years experience, fees, etc. Listen and observe the behavior and manners of the perspective real estate agent. 5) All these steps will give you insight into every real estate agent’s potential. Set aside any personal prejudices and decide which one will represent you best in the process of selling/buying your new real estate property in Calgary.

the perks of hiring real estate professionals

The perks of hiring real estate professionals

There are those who strongly disagree with consulting and hiring real estate agents and believe that they can do everything on their own. Alternatively, there are others that are of the opinion that real estate agents are indispensable and are an invaluable asset to a successful transaction. In fact, real estate agents are those intermediaries that help you achieve your real estate goal with minimum losses and expenses on your part. Usually, netting you more dollars in the end.

Calgary real estate agent will interview you to learn about your goals

In summary

  • First, your agent will interview you to learn about your goals, preferences, and requirements, selecting the best options and benefits for you.
  • Then, your personal insider will now be able to show you all your possible options. Your agent now steps into more of a partnership position with you. Moreover, real estate agents are well-versed in many areas and will inform you about any potential pitfalls they see the property may have.
  • In addition, your real estate agent guides you thru, checks and double checks all documents involved in buying/selling real estate. You do not have to re-read contracts several times and be concerned that everything is correct.
  • Your real estate agent is your protection and assurance. Another upside to this new relationship is that you have much more time to spend with your family or business affairs.
  • home of Calgary best real estate professionals

Royal LePage Solutions – home of Calgary’s best real estate professionals

Every business sector has the professionals others want to follow and emulate from. Here, in Calgary, it is Royal LePage Solutions. All new real estate agents learn from the experienced ones and participate in ongoing educational courses. Real estate experts in Royal LePage Solutions can boast about their market share and years in the business. Testimonials speak for themselves, so if you are not sure who is the right agent for you – visit Royal LePage Solutions’ website. What is more, Royal LePage solutions cares about the up and coming generation of real estate agents. They have continual educational courses and mentoring. Here, the new real estate agents learn, enhance their skills and hone their techniques. Additional question, please contact Ron Christensen, a leading real estate agent with Royal LePage Solutions. Ron will answer all your questions and provide practiced solutions for your individual needs. Definitely, it won’t cost anything to consult with professionals, in fact, you will most likely save monies.

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